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Quality windscreen replacement and repair services for the local residents of Chorley and surrounding areas

Here at Chips Clear we take considerable pride in the work that we carry out on your vehicle, it does not matter what type of vehicle it is. Every job gets exactly the same treatment every time, so you can be rest assured your windscreen replacement, heated rear or side glass will be right first time. The windscreen is a critically primary part of the cars structure; the windscreen undoubtedly adds a significant amount of rigidity to the vehicles body. So if you need a windscreen replacement, you need to be confident the job is right. We give you a full guarantee with any work we perform on your car

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Vandalism on the Fylde

Multi windscreen damage is undoubtedly getting to present a significant problem on the lovely Fylde coast. Look at the terrible picture, the mini had every glass smashed.

Bad Weather, Not a Problem

I have purchased one of the best all weather gazebos out there. We know how bad our weather gets, but that doesn’t stop me from getting your windscreen replacement DONE.

We Always Ready to Serve All Your Windscreen Problems